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DOLRE in its design has combined safety with security and is aesthetically pleasing. The DOLRE design concept has become a reality thanks to its strong and committed partners.

Due to its unique design and patented fuse system DOLRE transmits less than 50% of stress to the deck as compared to other conventional safety barriers. 


This results in a majority of structures requiring no additional reinforcement or strengthening during refurbishment.

  • AS 5100 Compliant
  • AS 3845 Compliant
  • ASBAP Approved
  • Low Force Transfer
  • Ideal for Bridge Upgrades


On site experience of over 15 years combined with design capabilities and the close association with various stake holders in the road sector resulted in this New range of DOLRE low stress parapets.

DOLRE Medium

The AS5100 Medium classification of DOLRE. With a post at every 1.5 meters, it is designed to contain a 36,000 kg truck travelling at 80km/h. It is ideally suited for locations with heavy vehicle traffic.

DOLRE Regular

DOLRE Regular

The AS5100 Regular classification of DOLRE. With a post at every 2 meters, it is designed to contain a 10,000 kg bus travelling at 90 km/h. It is ideal to use on structures on a secondary road network as well as short span bridges on motorways.



The AS5100 Low classification of DOLRE. With a post at every 6 meters, it is a great alternative to conventional guardrail/w-beam installation on rural bridges. Designed to contain 2270 kg pick-up travelling at 70 km/h. It is an ideal system to go on small volume bridges.