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The Smart Cushion® crash attenuator is a revolutionary, speed-dependent product that varies stopping resistance during an impact. The Smart Cushion crash attenuator allows lighter and slower-moving vehicles to have longer ridedown distances and lower ridedown g-forces.

On site experience of over 15 years combined with design capabilities and the close association with various stakeholders in the road sector resulted in this new range of DOLRE low stress parapets.

DOLRE is an ideal solution when existing barriers on concrete bridges need to be upgraded to meet AS 5100:2017 without the need to strengthen the bridge decks.


Conforming to AS 1170.1 and other relevant standards. Installed in prestigious locations in Sydney.

Our range of car park crash barriers are specifically designed for use in car parks, warehouses and many non-roadside applications.

Our car park barriers are designed to protect  people, plant and buildings. We are proud of making a significant contribution to the safety of many Australian car parks